Changing Faces

More than ever, the situation of LGBTI people in society is in flux. While evolution in attitudes and laws brings the hope of greater acceptance for LGBTI people in the workplace, populist movements and turbulent times continue to raise the yellow flag of caution. With a new even more interactive format, the 2018 Workplace Pride International Conference will put all of these topics under the microscope.

Coinciding with the IDAHO (International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bi-phobia, the 2018 Workplace Pride International Conference will put all of these topics and more under the microscope. A new conference format alongside technology-based enhancements will foster greater interaction amongst those attending the event as well as their colleagues in other locations.

With the conference theme of “The Changing Face of LGBTI Workplace Inclusion”, the event will explore how:

Social, political and legal environments connect with the working world in which LGBTI people interact

Changes with the concept of ‘work’ itself, such as temporary staff, AI and robotics is an ongoing topic. Crucial here is the role of the ‘individual’.

Changes in business practices in the current world environment and the influence that organisations have with governments re LGBTI inclusion

Attitudes at work and in society in general regarding LGBTI people; particularly internationally but also domestically

• The LGBTI community itself is changing in the work context (Gender identity & expression, community Identity & cohesion, Intersex inclusion, compartmentalisation, generational issues, etc.


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