Interactive Sessions


1. Leveraging ‘Global Days’ for Greater Impact at Work:  Hosted by IDAHOT ‘Global days’, like IDAHOT, National Coming out Day and Global Family Equality Day, etc. provide an interesting avenue for companies to take global action for greater LGBTI inclusion. But how can the impact be managed, and what are the pitfalls that employers need to take into consideration? This session, dives into all of these topics through the eyes of the Global IDAHOT movement and corporate representatives.

2. Bisexuality: Fostering Visibility and Social Comfort at Work: Hosted by Skylar Leslie, Workplace Pride ‘Biphobia, Bisexual Erasure and Mono-sexual Privilege.. all terms that may raise eyebrows, but which are quite relevant to bisexuals in the workplace. This fascinating and interactive session takes all participants on a journey that challenges many perceptions about bisexuality and non mono-sexual identities in the workplace and demonstrates how it IS important to include this allusive topic in workplace activism.

3. Workplace Inclusion & Sustainable Development Goals: Hosted by Alliander Sustainability is on the lips of every organisation around the world. Indeed, the UN has set goals for social, economic and environmental development that challenges everyone. But how is LGBTI workplace inclusion integrated into these goals through more than just social impact? Is it time to relate D&I and LGBTI  to the broader human capital agenda? Taking inspiration from its own SDG program, Alliander leads participants through a vivid and interactive session that explores how global players can contribute to Sustainability Development Goals.

4. The Power of Cities in LGBT+ Inclusion: Hosted by Open for Business Open, inclusive and diverse societies are better for business and better for economic growth”; a notion often heard, but is it true? Open for Business presents their evidence-based report supporting this concept and that cities are the new agents of change in LGBT+ inclusiveness. Interactive discussions and case studies bring all participants along this fascinating, global voyage of discovery.

5. LGBT Retirement: Embracing the Challenge of Social Change: Hosted by Aegon Through their Center for Longevity and Retirement, Aegon conducted the 1st international survey on retirement aspirations and planning among the LGBT community. Findings show that the road to retirement dreams are often quite different from that taken by heterosexuals. Can this effect your business, organisation or you personally? Join us for this very timely look at what the future holds as populations – including LGBT people – continue to age.

6. Why Responsible AI Matters to LGBTI Work Place Inclusion: Hosted by Tech@Workplace Pride  New technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality are advancing every day; influencing our customer relations and our daily work. These can bring advantages to the LGBT+ community, but also threats such as biasses programmed into recruitment algorithms or AI that can ‘guess’ if a person is gay or straight from a photograph. This breakout session explores the upside and downside of new technologies and what should be done to protect our community in a data driven society.

7. Employee to Business Resource Groups: Maximising Value for all Stakeholders: Hosted by BNY Mellon Have you ever wondered “How can we harness our Employee Resource Group (ERG) to drive our organisation’s bottom-line-results?”. This session focuses on the real-life experiences of different representatives who share unique approaches to maximising the value of ERG’s, with particular emphasis on LGBT+ workplace awareness and visibility plus employee and client engagement.

8. Bisi Alimi: LGBT Human Rights and Corporate Engagement: Hosted by ABN AMRO  In this workshop human rights activist Bisi Alimi discusses the LGBT human rights violations in his home country Nigeria. Together with ABN AMRO Sustainable Banking, you’re invited to discuss the role and responsibility of large corporates in improving LGBT human rights issues through active engagement.

9. Boomers to Millennials: LGBTI Inter-generational challenges and opportunities: Hosted by Paul Overdijk, Skylar Leslie Identities, labels, silos and movements: terms we have all heard when it comes to how the LGBTI community defines itself..or doesn’t. But how do individuals from different generations perceive their own role when it comes to being LGBTI in the workplace, and how does interaction between various generations affect the discussions at hand?  Is this something that effects how employers interact with the community? Will it have an impact on policies and practices? This very timely session covers all angles of this topic and involves participants in a discussion guaranteed to be lively!

10. Achieving change through internal campaigning: Hosted by ILGA Europe Getting a message of change and LGBTI inclusion across in our workplaces is not always an easy thing to do. However, our movement has a long history of campaigning for social change and there is much that we can learn from other activists. This session draws on the extensive experience of ILGA Europe and will explore, in an interactive way, how to develop a workplace based campaign for change


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